Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I would like to make a formal apology to the residents of the Provo/Orem area. Lately, I have been driving like a mad woman, I admit that. I am sorry for the confusion and frustration that my actions may have caused. I understand that refusing to signal when I turn or switch lanes is bad driving. I acknowledge that ignoring DO NOT ENTER signs is not only reckless, but illegal. I deeply regret my choice to hide behind the stereotypical "Utah" driver excuse. I am ashamed of myself and from now on I promise to drive as if there were Nevada license plates on my car.


Hillary said...

So that was probably you that cut me off four different cars yesterday? JK. I seem to be frustrating people due to how little space I give the car in front of me when I drive. Lucky for me, I still have my Washington plates so people know what to expect.

Jana said...

caitlin, you certainly have been driving like a crazy person lately. but that is alright, because you have a car.

Lauren said...

We should be best friends.

1. this post cracked me up.

2. your comment on my blog destined for us to be friends.