Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Makes Me Want to Kill.

This morning I logged into Facebook and it said 24 Notifications! YEAH 24! I was so excited, and I felt really popular. I saw that tons of people had commented on a photo of me, and I began to wonder, "What photo? What did they say? Did they say something nice? Is it a good picture of me? Is this going to boost my self-esteem?" Then I realized it was only because I had been tagged in something that is not even a picture of me, again. The first and second times it was cute and I was pretty flattered but then, because one hundred people are tagged in each one, I kept getting notifications left and right. Misleading notifications. Notifications that I thought were about me, but in actuality were not. And, every time that I clicked a notification link, it resembled something like this:
Whats Herface at 5:15 pm March 8 : Man dis is so tru.

That Onekid at 5:16 pm March 8 : Dang dude i am so not lazy.

So Andso at 5:17 pm March 8: Ahahahaha, u kno it! i the happy one. :D

That Onekid at 5:18 pm March 8: This a low blow and you know why. you can't put me on blast lik dat.

You Don'tevenknowher at 5:19 pm March 8: hahahahaha so funny.

That Onekid at 5:20 pm March 8: i think u mislabeled mee.

Full Ofhimself at 5:21 pm March 8: Ahhhh yeah you know how to pick em ;)

That Onekid at 5:22 pm March 8: but really i don understand....

Whats Herface at 5:23 pm March 8: again, the tiny dangerous one..... :)

So Andso at 5:24 pm March 8: gurl... you ALWAYS the tiny dangerous one! lol.......... its true. :P

That Onekid at 5:25 pm March 8: come on yo change it.

You Don'tevenknowher at 5:26 pm March 8: hahahaa that made me lauuuugh:D

That Onekid
at 5:27 pm March 8: arent you gonna change it????

So Andso at 5:28 pm March 8: know it!

That Onekid at 5:29 pm March 8:

That Onekid at 5:30 pm March 8:

In the short 30 minutes following the simultaneous tagging, you get that. So, this leaves you three choices:

1. You can join in the chaos of the comment conversation.
2. Untag yourself, and risk offending the offender.
3. Blog about it.

I obviously chose the third. But really? Can we stop this madness? Please?


Jana said...

this entire post brought so much joy to my heart that i don't even feel the pain of my most recent american heritage test anymore. thank you for sacrificing yourself in the endless facebook tagging crap for crap to make my heart happy.

Michael said...

This was thoroughly enjoyed, and most definitely needed by me. Even though I have never been included in this whole experience, I feel that I have lived it vicariously through you. And it was so vivid that I don't want it ever to happen to me... I loved the names of the conversationists--probably my favorite part of the blog.

Kayla said...

hahaha. amen sista. even though i am a hypocrite and have posted such picture..but mine was disney..i mean can i get cut some slack?
:) hilarious